World Hunger Statistics in real-time

If you ever sit there and wonder how many obese we have in the world (though that can’t ever be classified as “hunger” ) or how many people have died today because of the hunger, or how many tons of food have been wasted and how much many tons of global food aid has been provided today, then you should visit: Stop the Hunger live statistics website.

Here’s a screenshot of what you can expect to see:

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  • I just finished a book called Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron Foer that convinced me to eat a mostly vegan diet. There are a variety of reasons to eat less meat but the statistic mentioned above is a key part – 80% of harvested corn, grains and soy beans fed to animals in Europe and North America. So instead of feeding a bunch of people – the food is fed to animals – which in return provide food for few people.
    There’s also an interesting tie between the culture of violence (in the U.S.) and how we treat animals.
    Anyway – your diet is a great way to affect change in a world of statistics that can seem overwhelming. Thanks for posting

    • Hi Kelly,

      I m a very poor eater. Most of the time i have a meal a day and if i count the times i eat meat…well…no more than two times in a month and is mostly chicken or fish.

      To say that i understand how the whole feeding process works, it would be a mistake, but we indeed feed the animals with corn and grains — if they are a farmer’s animals.
      The big companies growing animals are feeding them something else. No wonder they have no taste.

      But the amount of food that we waste is scary, and so is the number of fat or obese people.
      The whole world has an eating disorder.

      • Carol,

        I definitely wasn’t suggesting that everyone needs to be vegetarian or vegan or whatever. I think it would be great if everyone tried to eat less meat – and less for you might mean once a week, month or whatever. And I don’t think that eating meat is inherently bad – it’s just the way that 99% of it is produced is horrible.
        I also think that each person has their own issues that they are passionate about and you can express your values in many different ways.
        I’m not a writer like you – so I’ve found that I’m able to express my values by trying to eat local, sustainable and compassionately grown food. I don’t always succeed – but I think educating ourselves about what we buy (not just food) is a great way to take daily action to limit suffering around the world.
        Writing a blog about the issues in the world is also awesome – so keep it up!

        • Kelly, i think suggesting to others to be vegetarians or close to it is by no means bad and surely not insulting.
          Eating less in general — and more veggies than meat– is good for anyone’s overall health.

          You should start a blog and you should put in there the same words you leave in your comments because i think you’d make a great blogger. And you should tackle any issues you like.
          Start a free blog at, Kelly. Give it a try and see how it goes.

          As for limiting the suffering in the world…well…We’re way far from even talking about it, but there’s always something we can do; no matter how small.

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