Tribal Wives: Lana’s journey to the tribe of Afar

Lana, a recovering alcoholic, decides to travel to Afar in Ethiopia and spend a month with one of the toughest tribes to help transform herself and learn how to put her past behind her..

The tribe is bound by old traditions where if women eat at the same table with men is considered to be rude and a kiss would be considered bad and embarrassing.

As days go by, she is learning how the women and men of the tribe are spending their daily lives and an awful truth about their world.
In the following weeks, she is about to discover how tough it is being a woman of this tribe.

Not only she learns that women must take care of almost everything, they are beaten up and not even sleep in the same bed with their husbands, but she learns about the circumcision traditions that women use at the birth of their daughters to protect them later from embarrassment.

Lana, who wants to get rid of her old self is confronted with the question: “What keeps these women go on?”.

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