Real time world stats 2012 – what’s changed

In February last year i posted an entry Real time world stats  in which you could see details about the current world population, economy, health and so on.
I revisited the stats to see what changed and what i found out was that since February 2011 the world’s population has grown by way over 150 million.

The Earth population is now over 7,084,099,700 and it keeps counting from which 905,526,459 are undernourished, 1,566,962,000 are overweight,  522,320,667 are obese. []

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Another post was about the Hunger statistics: World Hunger Statistics in real-time.
Over 10,522,977 people died of hunger this year and the number increases every year.

In America only, over  (+/-) 100,000 tons of food is being wasted daily and only about (+/-)22,000 tons of global food aid is being provided, also daily. []

Visit the 2 links in this post to see the rest of the statistics.

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