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On the 11th of February, Lara Logan, a CBS correspondent was raped and beaten up by the security forces in Egypt and later on found and saved by a group of Egyptian women and soldiers.

This is not the first rape case and this is not the first time a reporter is assaulted. God knows what they have to go through sometimes.
But the post today isn’t about the rate of rape; it’s about the rate of idiocy in the United States and their reactions on a brutally assaulted victim.
The nasty comments come from none other than public figures, who you’d they have been educated enough to be able to a part of this century.
But no! They act like the same people they love to judge, the same people still caught in the middle ages, people that think that if a woman is raped is her fault. I am talking about the areas in Afghanistan, some African countries, some tribes that they still don’t know what civilization is.

Political figures, blogging figures in the United States seem to think that Logan had it coming and only reading what it goes through their minds and then their tweets makes me sick that there isn’t a word in the whole vocabulary to describe what they are.
Those same people are also full of hate and yet, you, the American citizen reading this…you are paying one way or another to keep them there up and keep them disgracing you.
On this side of Europe, we can’t understand how one can say a raped victim had it coming because on this side we have moral laws, moral obligations to support the victims and comdemn the criminal.
On my side of the world, is unacceptable to say a thing like that and no matter how you’ll try to explain it to me that she deserved to be raped or she had it coming, there is no way you could ever convince me of that nor will you ever have the chance to voice that thought to me.

Only in America you find people saying that loud on air, blogging and tweeting about it and think that is ok to side up with a criminal and only in America you’ll find a woman a moron saying that she hopes Logan enjoyed the rape.
Naming her will just make me feel dirty and i am already disgusted by this disturbed, hateful and racist person.
And if you try to throw the “freedom of speech” to me to argue that, i will just tell you that this has nothing to do with the freedom of speech.
There is a huge difference between exercising your freedom of speech and really thinking that rape is ok. Talking and thinking go hand-in-hand, but people, if this is how one feels, then that “one” needs heavy therapy.

I don’t hate America, just to be clear. There are some very wonderful and kind people there and i am proud to call them my friends, my buddies. But….i am simply disgusted by some American people and their arrogance, their stupidity that seems to have no measure.

If America had a law for stupidity or idiocy, many(such as those saying those horrible things about Logan or those calling for the assassination of Assange) would be in jail for life. Again, is not a matter of freedom of speech. Is a matter of stupidity and mental challenges.

You’d think that in 2011 some will show some restrain in voicing up their sick thoughts….
But hey, if you enjoy hearing them mocking a heavy sexually assaulted victim, do keep paying  them up and don’t forget that in some areas in Afghanistan, in some jungles, in Uganda…there are lots of people doing  just that, so you might as well just go to see them and hear them for free.

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  • At least Mubarak threw terrorists in jail and banned them. Now anyone who wants to speak the truth and opposes the new president gets brutally nailed to the nearest tree. Yay. Free at last. NOT. Genocide probably on the way in Egypt.

    Let this be a lesson for us all not to believe all the Pallywood and Hezbollywood scam reporting, not to mention how they brainwash their little kids in children’s TV programs (complete with fuzzy bunnies) to become suicide bombers. It’s child abuse and disgusting.

    There are many examples, including so-called massacred victims falling off stretchers and then getting back on – on the way to their own funerals (drone video) and this one:

    Let’s hope Syria gets rid of their terrorists, or it will be another country down the drain…

  • Carol, i don’t disagree, but it was NOT the “security forces” who did this. PLEASE correct that typo.

    It was the jubilant so-called ‘freedom fighters’ who did this. Most likely supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. The people who were banned by Mubarak on the basis that they were terrorists. You know… the people who are in charge now… NOT the supposedly evil former government as insinuated by some media. It’s very unfortunate that one can no longer necessarily rely on the media to provide news 100% accurately. The new Brotherhood president is now literally crucifying anyone who opposes him (see below).

    As you know, it was women and soldiers (in other words, government employees / representatives / security forces) who saved Lara, who as far as I know, was born in Durban, South Africa.

    This site has many articles about these events (I just did a quick Google search).

    Video of Lara Logan describing this horrific attack in her own words:

    “60 Minutes” Lara Logan was Repeatedly Raped by Egyptian Mob Yelling, “Jew, Jew! Jew!”

    Lara Logan’s Vicious, Violent Gang-Rape, Media’s Silence = Sanction

    Google “frontpagemag muslim brotherhood project” and see what you find…

    One example: (continued)

    Egypt’s Morsi (of Brotherhood) calls for regime change in Syria

    As you probably know, the Syrian president claims terrorists are responsible, while most Western media tend to call him the terrorist. Perhaps we should all do some critical thinking and try harder to find the real truth…

    Arab Spring run amok: ‘Brotherhood’ starts crucifixions – Opponents of Egypt’s Muslim president executed ‘naked on trees’

    These ‘poor gentle freedom-loving victims’ also raped the Egyptian antiquities and museums. Just Google “egypt artifacts destroyed”.

    Then you can also Google “egypt churches attacked”, to see more of these freedom loving rioters’ kindness.

    The so-called ‘arab spring’ was NEVER about freedom from ‘oppression’. Mubarak was a moderate. Remember the riots that broke out in that same square AFTER Mubarak was gone? Egypt is no longer a safe country to go to and they will destroy the historical treasures along with the tourism industry. Egypt will now turn into a filthy jihadist hole spawning terrorists.

    Obama pals provoked Egypt chaos – Radicals began stirring trouble months before current crisis

    I agree with what you say about how disgusting this behaviour is, I also don’t hate America or Americans, but there were also people who were glad to hear about the 9/11 attacks, saying “good, they deserve it”. I consider this equally disgusting, and to be fair, I must add that the people who said this about 9/11 were neither Americans, nor in America, so I think you’ll find that there are vile, nasty people without any sense of compassion for innocents all over the world, not “only in America”.

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