New York was once upon a time New Nederland

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The Duke of York was appointed Lord High Admiral and commanded the Royal Navy during the SecondThird Anglo-Dutch War (1672–1674). Following its capture by the English in 1664, the Dutch territory of New Netherland was named New York in his honor, as was the town of New Amsterdam. Fort Orange, 150 miles up the River Hudson, was renamed Albany in his honor as well. The Duke of York also headed the Royal African Company, which participated in the slave trade……. (1665–1667) and

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New Netherland (Dutch: Nieuw-Nederland, Latin: Novum Belgium or Nova Belgica), 1614-1674, was the territory on the eastern coast of North America in the 17th century which stretched from latitude 38 to 45 degrees North as originally claimed for and on behalf of the Republic of the Seven United Provinces, Latin: Belgium Foederatum of the Low Lands or the Netherlands. The Netherlands, Latin: Belgium, comprised, then, seventeen provinces with the remaining ten provinces under Spanish authority referred to as Belgium Regium…………..

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