Most emotional countries in the world

While looking up the latest statistics, i found a link with a colored map of the most and least emotional countries in the world.emotional-map2

When i first saw the map i thought right away  about my last post Peace and Terrorism 2012 and the maps i added to it, including the alcohol consumption map.
I was trying to make a connection between the alcohol consumption, terrorism and peace,  and emotions.

It appears that Russia, one of the biggest alcohol consumers, is also one of the least emotional but taken from my findings for my other post, it is also one of the most troubled with a high criminality, homicide, jailed population, violent crimes and so on…
In the ranking index of Peace, it ranks on 153 out of 158 countries.

This makes me wonder: Are Russians drunk, emotionless, aggressive people? I don’t think so, but it does appear to be so. It’s all in the numbers.
It’s hard to decipher though….

Anyway, is not my intention to pick on the Russians today, i will do it another time, so i will go on with the findings of the emotional regions of the world.

Least emotional prize goes to Singapore. It seems these guys have serious bonding issues, but the really weird thing is that the prize for most emotional country goes to  The Philippines, which is right on the other side, not SO far from each other.
Weird stuff!
Imagine a marriage between the two….

least and most emotional

The results of this survey can be found here: Singapore Ranks as Least Emotional Country in the World – Residents living in the Philippines are the most emotional

The full results on Emotions can be found here, on Gallup: Emotions

8 Responses to “Most emotional countries in the world

  • Lol, how much butthurt about Russia, ‘muricans such brainwashed, dont forget about your index of Peace when you will invade in another country.

  • Italians less emotional than Scandinavians. Brazilians and Argentinians less emotional than Americans. South Koreans less emotional than Japanese people. Let’s simply say that this poll is totally wrong :)

    • Ah by the way, I’m an Italian married to a Korean, living in USA and working with Americans, Scandinavians, Koreans, Japanese, Brazilians, Argentinians, Mexicans, French etc etc…

    • Daimoo, this poll is not about who cries faster or who brings in more drama.
      It’s about answering some questions regarding their daily life and their perception to the questions.

  • But, hey, thanks for the fodder for thought on a lazy Christmas morning.

  • Carol, I was completely stunned by this map. My experience with cultures, which never exactly match national borders, is completely different.

    I would think of the Russians as given to extreme emotions and passions, while Canadians (particular English Canadians) come across to me as bland and almost lacking in affect. And how is the United States, a country that commercializes and economically rationalizes anything and everything, more emotional than passionate, musical Brazil, fer cryin’ out loud?

    Then I went to the Gallup site (thanks for the link) and I realized that what was polled was not emotions, but the expression of emotions to a stranger (the poll taker). Then the coin dropped.

    Yes, Russia, with centuries of brutal autocracies and tyrannies has a populace that is not given to tell strangers how they feel, out of mistrust. Canadians, on the other hand, feel free to express the most trivial and meaningless of feelings hither and yon, as they live in a society that is extremely polite and respectful of every individual.

    And on and on. Examine the social discipline of Singapore and the Philippines and you’ll find the explanation for the contrast.

    • Celil, when it comes to the real emotions, i think the Latinos are the best example, because they really express emotions such as: passion, anger, jealousy, anger in a very open way.

      This survey was not focusing on that.

      Take another example: a Latino man would express his emotions by inviting a woman out directly, leaving his ego aside, while any other men from other nations will think twice, then some more and they still won’t do it.

      I already examined the situations between the Philippines and Singapore when i went deeper into Gallup and i understand why they feel like that.

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