From Eisenhower to Obama and in between the war on terror

Dwight D. Eisenhower, the  former president of the United States and a five-star general said in his Chance for Peace Speech in 1953:

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. We pay for a single fighter plane with a half million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed 8,000 people.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

Early this evening i was watching on Discovery a documentary about president Obama called “Becoming Barack: The evolution of a leader” . I was suddenly so sad. My boyfriend came next to me in the sofa, waiting patiently for me to turn over the remote-control so he can start playing.  I told him i was sad and when he asked why, i simply told him that i am feeling very disappointed about president Obama and all his broken promises.
My boyfriend has sometimes weird ways to show his support and this evening was by raising his tone while telling me that i shouldn’t care about about him nor America because they don’t care about us either. He doesn’t give a crap about them.

I told him: “You don’t know how it is like to have someone promise that much and not deliver and you don’t know how it feels to live with that feeling that you’ve just been deceived by someone you trusted and you can’t do jack about it.”
And trust me, i do know how it feels when someone makes a promise when you’re most vulnerable and i know that it hurts to the bone when you discover that you’ve just handed out trust out of desperation.

His answer to my mine was again: ” I don’t give a crap about them. They don’t give a crap about me or us.”

This got me thinking about all the speeches i ever heard from the United States leaders, from the American newspapers and one thing was always out there “our national security” or ” the security of America”, whether it was a national or an international speech it simply came to “our national security”, always about America … and a light just sparked in my head: Well, what about my national security and what about my security?

That’s right! How about my security? Why is it always about America? Why does everything have to center and spin around it?

In one of the embassy cables released by the press from Wikileaks, there are references that America has nuclear weapons on Belgian soil, on another that America wants Belgium to “host” some detainees from Guantanamo Bay , on another cable the U.S. calls the European court “annoying” for not playing their games, [ not to mention the C.I.A camps all over Europe].
Now i ask again: How about my security? Why should you have to expand like that and move your dirt on other people’s ground?  If you preach world peace, why must you bring the detainees here instead of granting them a fair trial? And why must you put your nuclear weapons in Europe?

And just like that i started looking up the word “war” because i just don’t understand anymore if the world is at war or the world is just full of incompetent leaders, and came upon this:

War is a behavior pattern of organized violent conflict, typified by extreme aggression, societal disruption, and high mortality. This behavior pattern is found in many primate species including man, and also found in many ant species.

It seems that we never seem to morally and mentally evolve and we spin for centuries around the same issue: war, except every time is  “modern”.
We build lots of weapons and invest hundreds of billions in war, we lose hundreds of thousands of lives to “war on terror” and that is what brought me to the Eisenhower’s  Chance for Peace Speech with which i started this post.

I was inspired by my boyfriend’s reply and by the two articles below which i found while searching the net for “war”.
On the 13th of January, David Swanson from wrote:  What Eisenhower Got Wrong and on 15th Melvin A. Goodman also from wrote: Obama Ignores Eisenhower at Country’s, World’s Peril. You should read them.

I think my disappointment regarding president Obama is because he doesn’t seem to understand the complications of the war like Eisenhower did and the man was a 5 star U.S. army general so if there is a person that understands war better than anyone, that’s an army general.

Too much thinking hurts at times because i find myself now wondering if the war today is a war on terror or a war on domination.

The aspect of domination that is a precipitating factor in all wars, i.e. one group wishing to dominate another, is also often a precipitating factor in individual one-on-one violence outside of the context of war, i.e. one individual wishing to dominate another. – [War – Wikipedia]

And we’re back again to the point where we don’t seem to morally and mentally evolve just enough to break the “war cycle” :

The conduct of war extends along a continuum, from the almost universal primitive local tribal warfare that began well before recorded human history, to advanced nuclear warfare between global alliances, with the recently developed ultimate potential for human extinction. [War – Wikipedia]

It’s like we’re never better than that, like we’re never capable in planning better like: natural disaster prevention plans, market crashes prevention plans, health-care for everyone, working harder in finding renewable energy resources, working together in combating  and preventing poverty [over 1 billion poor people],  giving everyone a chance to education [according to UNICEF 855 milion people are illiterate] and i could go on, but i will just point you to last year’s development statistics.

My point is that we always find a reason to start a war and we invest disgusting, monstrous amounts of cash into killing people instead of investing the money in the above mentioned issues.
We should build schools that teaches “diplomacy trough intelligence and communication” where no one should ever pass the exam with a score under 80%. That way we’ll learn to trust the people we choose to represent us in other countries.

And why aren’t we doing any of that? Are we scared that if the world becomes stable through improvement in education, wealth, health, green energy … we’ll get that bored that we’ll want to take off this planet?
What a great idea!
Is it war all that entertaining that we should just keep it as a ritual for the centuries to come?

Eisenhower’s warning wasn’t powerful enough and we do tend to ignore warnings most of the time.

I expect the president of the United States who also took the UN security council seat in 2010 (very naughty) – Barack Obama – to keep his promises regarding the world peace and stability he made prior to his elections, for the world’s sake.

Let us for once focus on the true issues that destabilizes us , let us see the wikileaks revelations as a positive start point and let us start from scratch and fresh if we have to.
Let us for once really focus on the world instead of only America. The world spins around its own axis and we all spin with it.

Enough damage already and enough money spent on weapons and wars. I don’t think we can ever estimate the total loss and the total damage of the “war on terror”, but i really do think we can be better than we are now, we can do better than we do now.

I will leave you now with a screenshot taken from on global priorities in “98. As you can see, not much has changed since then.

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  • Dark, Carol, very dark. But understandable. I feel similarly (

    As to that boyfriend … he gives all men a bad name.

    • Cecil,

      I find myself being sad and frustrated a lot more since Obama is in power then when Bush was.
      When Bush was the president, i was pissed all day long. Now i am not only pissed but sad too.
      How can I not feel dark?

      I sure am an idiot from expecting the moon on a stick from Obama.

      You and I are somewhat alike and i am glad you understand my feelings.

      As for my boyfriend (of so many years) i will tell you this much: if all women got the support i get from my bf, there will be lots of us (the women) walking around happy and pleased.

      Yes, he’s blunt with his answers when he doesn’t agree or feels the same about a topic, but i do see his point every time.
      With me not being one of the “puppy” types, it’s a lot easier to get away with an answer like his, than agreeing when you don’t feel the same.
      He knows i hate that, so he feels free to say what HE has to say and not what i want to hear.

      Heading over to your blog now. :)

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