“An accountable world with WikiLeaks” – That would be wonderful

There’s a very nice and full of hope article written at the Inquirer and although i truly believe Julian did us all a favor, there’s a voice in my head whispering that the world leaders are not yet ready to commit to honesty and openness.

But, no one saw Wikileaks coming, and probably this very same way we won’t see honest politicians coming. Who knows? One can only hope that the world as we know it today will be calmer, safer and free from greed and power in the future….a world i often imagine that gives me peace.
Imagine things really changing for the better…Imagine how your inner-peace would feel like. Divine i’d say.

To draw attention and change, bring in some drama. We have the drama and the attention, so let’s make a change.

Contrary to the opinion of those who have ordered public fatwas on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the world with WikiLeaks will be a more secure, safe, transparent and accountable one.

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