Abuse of international power: That’s US expecting hugs and kisses

There are no shortcuts for where America is heading right now….

Political mess

The Wikileaks “phenomenon” seems to be making the American officials losing their last drop of common-sense. Just look or hear what they say on the news, read their reactions.

Joe Biden first said that no harm has been done, and then , the following day he says:
“This guy has done things and put in jeopardy the lives and occupations of people in other parts of the world,” Biden said. “He’s made it difficult to conduct out business with our allies and our friends. … It has done damage.

Excuse me, mister Biden, but how on God’s name you managed to change your mind that fast?
After reading the news on how your people conduct themselves and how they do business, pressuring other countries by using the “US relations” wild-card when they resist, and after seeing you changing your mind whenever you change your socks, I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with you either. Your reaction is very unstable.

Your friends and allies thought your people were honorable. It turns out, they are not.
Your country is hunting down a citizen of your most powerful ally, Australia, and you want them to just play along with you? What’s wrong with you?

What if [in a wake up call to protect Assange from your abuse) Australia decides to retaliate and cuts all their ties with you?
And what if, all those countries disappointed by your false sense of justice and freedom decide to retaliate too and cut their ties with you?
Will that be Assange’s fault? In your “dense” imagination, it probably will be his fault.
You bear the responsibility of your own faults, so please, don’t try putting them on someone else’s doorstep.

It just seems unreal, unreasonable and despite the world asking them (the US) to focus on the real crimes committed by their own people, they take one step further into Julian Assange’s case and decide that the right thing to do is to “go after him”.
That’s diversion; that’s lack of responsibility for their own mistakes and crimes.
Who’s going to pay for those? Or have they already been cleared of their offenses and you’ve got nobody else to prosecute?

It looks a lot like the “war on terror” when they started hunting Osama and ended up with Saddam.
As a nation who’s not afraid to fight in 3 countries at the time, they shouldn’t be afraid [just embarrassed ]that they’ve made mistakes. They shouldn’t be afraid to fix the faults.

The more I read about the “rape” allegations, the more I think the whole situation just so happen to be “very convenient” for the US and I think that Sweden, without being politically influenced by the US, would never do such a thing.
According to this post on HuffingtonPost,  there are speculations that someone is playing every dirty trick in the book to have Assange delivered on a stick to the US. Surprised? I didn’t think so?

Where is Obama?

Then I wonder…Why isn’t Obama trying to chill his people down?
I mean, with or without the Peace Prize he’s got, he’s still the president and he’s got a lot to say.

True enough, the leaked documents reveal dirt that isn’t his and why should he bother cleaning all that out, but still….one can’t help but wonder: why is he letting those politicians destroy the country’s reputation when that’s the right moment to change things the way he wanted?
Why is he letting them make a joke out of the US by trying to cover-up the truth, the real issue and diverting the attention to “national security” and trying to shut down the liberty of speech and press?

Who’s really been hurt?
As far as I know, the only people hurt in the Wikileaks story is Assange himself, Manning and the family of those who’ have seen the Collateral Damage video.

It hurts to know the truth, but not knowing it hurts a lot more and does a lot more damage in the long-term.
What people expect is a change. Send diplomats abroad capable of being diplomats, send soldiers to a battlefield capable of making a difference between civilians and enemies, send contractors ( not pimps) abroad capable of doing business.

It makes me mad seeing how the US government takes a stand on “national security” and shamelessly going after a leaker.
Where is the sense in that?
Come on! How stupid do you think people are? Do you think we’re all idiots?

Wake up America! Your officials are feeding you fiction, they are playing once again the “national security” card on you, they are playing once again the “patriotic card” while they ban you from even reading the news about the leaked documents.
For crying out loud, your own newspapers are bailing on you to tell you the truth! Wake up!

4 Responses to “Abuse of international power: That’s US expecting hugs and kisses

  • Carol you have made a good point, but the question Marion asked isn’t answered. Why would Australian citizen expose USA secret documents and ignore crime aand corruption thats eating his own country inside out? Its quite simple question. Thanks 

    • It’s quite simple, Greta. Australia isn’t the world leader and therefore his attention couldn’t possible be there.
      To understand why U.S. and not his own country, you must read his writings from years back.

      I am afraid a few words of mine won’t shed that much light on his choices, but let’s be clear on one thing: what he exposed, was not only U.S. treachery, lies and crimes; he did that globally. Each country lost secrets in the documents published. Each country was exposed and some had way more dirt than others.

      Leaders must be responsible for their actions because most of them aren’t done in our name – the citizens – but rather done in the name of their own ego and hunger for power.
      Having someone expose them for what they are, is by far the most noble thing can do for the rest of us who sweat and suffer without the knowledge of what the mighty presidents do in our names.

      Thank you for your comment, Gretta.

  • Before you attack Obamas Cabinet and feel sorry for poor ‘Australian Boy Assange’ take a look how Australian Government serve its own citizens. If Assange’s what he wants the world to believe he would expose corruption in his own country not USA. http://1ftup.blogspot.com/ Assanges aware of this link but theres no word of support. The question’s WHY?

    • Marion, the reason he targeted America is mainly because in that chopper there are American soldiers shooting civilians, laughing and enjoying murder and then because America keeps fucking up with every occasion they get.

      Over the year, there are so many bad things Americans have done: starting with wiping off the planet two Japanese cities – that’s genocide. Then Vietnam, then everything else. I can go on and write down all crimes committed, but in doing so i will just become angry.

      I am not saying “poor Assange”, but i will say that it was about time someone dared challenge everything we are today, everything we do and everything we stand for.

      Thank you for the comment, Marion.

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